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Creative Elements

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Year: 2013
Media group: Digitale Medien
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Modeled after the black and white clip art books used by pre-digital graphic designers and commercial artists, Creative Elements is a selection of Michael Bell-Smith's personal clip art collection, categorized, stripped of color, and arranged in flat, style-free compositions.


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Year: 2013
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ISBN: 978-3-95608-339-6
Description: 87 S. überw. Ill.
Tags: Katalog, Kunst, Künstlerbuch, Design, Werbegraphik, Element, Bestandskatalog, Bestandsverzeichnis <Formschlagwort>, Bildende Kunst, Kunstdenkmal <Kunst>, Formgebung <Design>, Graphik / Werbung, Werbung / Gebrauchsgraphik, Vier Elemente, Elementenlehre
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Language: Englisch
Media group: Digitale Medien